The Forgotten B-List…

We all remember the obvious… ‘NSYNC, BSB, NKOTB.  But, what about the others?  Although boy bands are forgotten, these boy bands are even more forgotten.  The B-List Boy Bands if you will…

BBMak:  Mark Barry, Christian Burns, Stephen McNally were an English pop group that was around between 1999 and 2003.  They were well known for their single, “Back Here” and for appearing in conjuction with several Disney projects; Lizzie McGuire, Princess Diaries, and Even Stevens.  The boys have all been pursuing solo careers since the break up.

Dream Street:  These boys were industry saavy 11-14 year old boys thrown together to make a supergroup.  There time together lasted from 1999-2002.  By boy band standards they were a flop but I can’t get that damn “It Happens Everytime” out of my head.  The band ended in a lawsuit and their founders dabbling in little boy porn.  We did get Jesse McCartney out of all this though…

O-Town:  A product of MTV’s first season of Making of the Band that lasted from 2000-2003.  They got more attention for their reality show than their music and their demise came with the members “growing apart” and financial woes mosting due to their manager Lou Pearlman.  (The guarenteed demise of all boy bands)

2ge+her:  Can’t talk about boy bands without mentioning the This is Spinal Tap of boy bands.  This group became through their MTV movie and TV series.  They even went on tour with Britney Spears!  The run from 199-2001 was short due to the untimely death of their youngest member and “the cute one” Michael Cuccione.


~ by katoque on March 31, 2009.

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