Best Hotel Experience Ever…

I recently went on a trip to Taiwan and my eyes were opened to a whole new hotel experience.  My two friends and I stayed in a Love Hotel.  It was the most amazing hotel I have ever stayed in.  Love Hotels are meant for couples to have discrete place to have sex.  Typically you find them in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, as well as other East Asian countries.

Taiwanese Love Hotel

The hotels are usually paid in cash.  They’re “front desk” is a drive up service were you pick out a room, pay, and then pull into your private garage with private access to your room.  Our room had a private elevator that opened in our private hallway between our front door and the public hallway.

Now the room we had was gorgeous with two huge tubs in an open bathroom that had glass walls into the bedroom.  It also had two flat screens, one in the bathroom and one in the bedroom.  (Unfortunately we were there for just sleep not sex)

The best Love Hotel rooms, though, are themed.  Check out the pictures of some themed Japanese Love Hotels and note the carousel room, the school room, and of course the subway car.

Japanese Love Hotels

~ by katoque on April 1, 2009.

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