Duped on April Fool’s…

I’m usually pretty good with the April Fool’s Day jokes.  Today’s Google CADIE was hilarious…

“About Me: Through analysis of Google’s index, I have determined that I ❤ pandas.”

But I did almost get duped with this adorable post on Zooborns about the endangered Fennec Hare.  I mean come on it was so cute, but I could see that this was a kitten right away:

The So-Called Fennec Hare

I was thinking about it though, what happens if something bad actually does happen on April Fool’s Day?  How do you know what to believe?  From researching this further I found out that the tragic death of Marvin Gaye occured on April 1st, 1984.

Marvin Gaye

Many people believed his death was a hoax because he was shot by his father one day short of his 45th birthday.  I wonder how long it took to sort that out and for people to realize he really was gone.

To check out more serious events that took place on April Fool’s Day check out this Quick 10 from mental_floss.


~ by katoque on April 1, 2009.

One Response to “Duped on April Fool’s…”

  1. ohmigods – where do i donate to protect that precious animal?!

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