You Cover Them in What…

In honor of ER being over I wanted to write about something I had heard from an ER cast interview back a while ago.  (And by awhile ago I mean I watched the show and this interview took place on the Rosie O’Donnell talk show)

Do you know where Hollywood babies come from?   You know when you see a baby born on a show or movie and they have that fresh covered in birth junk look to them?  Want to know what it is?  Cream cheese and jelly.  Yum.  For a long time my favorite breakfast was toast with cream cheese and grape jelly.  Can’t touch it now since it reminds me of after birth.  (Actually more accurately I think it was learning this and then seeing my dog give birth to a litter of puppies)


I wanted to look into this more and also figure out where the babies are coming from.  Who let’s there child do this and how?  I found this article from Slate that gave some insight.  California state allows infants to be used on set with parent and docto permission at the tender age of 15 days old.  (States like Wyoming, New Mexico, and West Virginia allow babies to work as soon as the umbilical cord is cut!)  People used to prefer to get babies that were born premature too so they looked extra authentic.  This was scrapped in 1998 after protests for child labor protesters.  Babies are also only allowed on set for 2 hours a day and then can only be filmed for 20 minutes a day.  This is why they prefer twins (or even triplets) since they can have more time with them.

As for what can actually go on the baby SAG does regulate it.  Grape, red currant, and cherry jelly can be used to simulate birth-related fluids. Strawberry, raspberry, and K-Y jellies are not allowed, for fear of allergic reactions from the babies.  Think about that the next time you’re enjoying some toast or a bagel.



~ by katoque on April 3, 2009.

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