How Does He Do That…

I absolutely love the show House, M.D.  There is a new episode on tonight and I have not had the chance to watch it yet, but the big happening has been ruined already by someone’s facebook status.  (I’m a little bitter)  Being the considerate person that I am, though, I will not tell you anything.

Gregory House

But I digress… where would House be without the brilliant work of Mr. Hugh Laurie?  He is a very talented actor who became even more talented to me when I found out he was British.  Everytime I mention this there seems to be at least one new person who did not know this prior to me telling them.  It’s amazing.  I have watched episodes solely to try and see him mess up the accent and he NEVER does.  Even when he gets mad and rants… nothing.  I did a little snooping on youtube and google to show some examples of him with and without the accent.  For everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Here’s an appearance Hugh made on Friends in 1998 (this is how he actually talks):

Now check out these House bloopers.  Note even when messing up he still doesn’t lose the accent.  Brilliant.

~ by katoque on April 6, 2009.

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