Happy Dyngus Day!!!

Right so I unfortunately had to leave the capital of Dyngus Day partying today (yes you, Buffalo NY)  I made sure though today to show my pride by proudly displaying the Polish Falcon on a red t-shirt…

You Bet Your Dupa I'm Polish!

Now growing up Dyngus Day was such a big deal that I had no idea it wasn’t a national holiday.  Dyngus Day (or Wet Monday) is the Monday after Easter Sunday.  In Polish traditions Dyngus Day is one of the biggest holidays of the year.  (Ranks right up there with Wigilia on Christmas Eve)

Now traditionally the holiday had to do with boys courting girls.  Boys would wake the girl he liked on this day by dumping a bucket of water on her.  They would also whip the girls legs with branches of pussy willows.  The more a girl had water dumped on her and the more she was whipped, the better chances of her getting married.  Nowadays both boys and girls do it to each other, and it is not so much about courting as it is just getting other people.

Not cool.

Now Buffalo, NY has the biggest Dyngus Day Celebration which attracted over 25,000 people last year.  The events include a parade, drinking, dancing (break out the accordian!) and the world’s largest squirt gun.

World's Biggest Squirt Gun

I hope everyone got to celebrate a little bit.  Don’t forget just like everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone is Polish on Dyngus Day!

Hell Yea.

~ by katoque on April 13, 2009.

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