Now Everyone Knows How Many Minutes Are in a Year…

Fun Facts about Rent the musical:


  • Rent is based off of the opera La bohème by Giacomo Puccini which premiered in 1896.  It actually follows the opera very closely with songs and character names taken almost directly from the original.
  • Rent premiered itself in 1996.
  • Tragically the show’s creator, Jonathan Larson, suddenly died the night before the premiere at the age of 35
  • Among the many awards it has received, Rent won a Pulitzer Prize for Drama.
  • Rent makes countless references to pop culture including the line “I’m more man than you’ll ever be… and more woman than you’ll ever get!” from the film Car Wash in 1976.
  • Lynn Thomson sued the estate of Jonathan Larson claiming she had written part of Rent.  Unfortunately she could not recall the lyrics to the songs that she had supposedly written.  The case was settled out of court.

~ by katoque on April 14, 2009.

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