These Would Be Fun to Hide Everywhere…

The University of Warwick is showing off their new innovation in speaker technology.  Their new Flat Flexible Loudspeaker (FFL) is lightweight, only .25 mm thick, flexible, and inexpensive to produce.

Yes, That's a Speaker

The University is hoping that the technology can be adapted to loud crowded settings such as airports and shopping malls.  These speakers can turn into paintings on walls to conceal their purpose.  (I think this is awesome)  The type of sound waves it produces (planar directional sound waves to be precise) actual allow the sound to be crisper and travel farther.  Hopefully this catches on quick…


~ by katoque on April 16, 2009.

One Response to “These Would Be Fun to Hide Everywhere…”

  1. yeah, that would be awesome, they would be able to use them inn large areas, like a soccer field, under the benches, that would be cool.

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