Is That Spring I See In The Distance…

Yes, it looks like spring is finally starting to arrive and (fingers crossed) is staying for good.  You know what that means?  Time to break out the Kan Jam set!

Going for 3 Points!

Kan Jam is a frisbee game that originated in my hometown of North Tonawanda, NY by a high school science teacher.  The game is kind of like horseshoes in a way.  The goal is to get to 21 points.  This can be done in 3 ways.

A dinger is worth 1 point.  This is when your partner throws the frisbee and you deflect it so it hits the can.

A deuce, worth 2 points,  is when the frisbee hits the can on it’s own.


A bucket (or slam) is worth 3 points and is when the person deflecting the frisbee  knocks it into the top opening of the can.

Slam (or Bucket)

Now you cannot go over 21 points.  If this happens the amount of points earned are actually deducted from the amount of points you have accrued.  There is also the ever so coveted Instant Win.  This is when the frisbee goes into the top opening or instant win slot on the front the can on it’s own.  Game over at this point.

Instant Win

This was actually a unit in gym class when I was in high school and can get to be pretty serious as a sport.  There are several leagues in the Western NY area for this.  So, there is a good chance I’ll be in Central Park this weekend playing.  Come join!


~ by katoque on April 17, 2009.

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