It’s the Place To Be…

So I was going to do this post yesterday after flipping the channels and catching an old episode of Green Acres on TV Land, but then of course mental_floss kind of beat me to it.  Weird… but they gave me a good reason to save this for today.  Not only is today Earth day, but it would be Eddie Albert‘s 103rd birthday!  (He did live to be 99…)

Dun un Dun un Dun

For some reason this was one of my favorite shows growing up. (I watched a lot of TV Land and Nick at Nite)  Oliver Douglas (Eddie Albert) and his wife Lisa Douglas (Eva Gabor) are city folks who move out to the country to follow Oliver’s life long dream of becoming a farmer.  This description alone leads to obvious hilarity.  Especially since they were moving to the fictional town of Hooterville (made famous by Green Acres sister show, Petticoat Junction).

If you have never seen the show, I will let you know right now who is the best character, Arnold Ziffel.  Arnold is the adopted son of the Douglas’ elderly, childless neighbors.  Arnold is a pig.  Through out the show Arnold is treated just like an 8 year old boy by everyone in town (including Lisa) except by Oliver.  Oliver does not understand why Arnold is not treated like livestock, but he often gets caught playing along with everyone else.  Arnold goes to school, loves televsion and especially loves Westerns.  He can even speak English, French and a little Japanese.

Arnold Ziffel

Now contrary to Urban Legend, the cast did not eat Arnold after the series ended at a cast party.  (Shame on you whoever started that rumor!)  Several pigs were used throughout the shooting of the series and none were eaten.


~ by katoque on April 22, 2009.

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  1. do you have any episodes??

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