Update on Oprah & Free Chicken…

So this Oprah/KFC deal has caused quite a bit of commotion.  A friend of mine went out in midtown Manhattan with her coupon and gave up as soon as she saw a line of over 100 people trying to get their chicken.

Apparently according to Gawker there are riots and sit-ins are beginning to form from the lack of KFC acknowledging coupons.  For those of you not in the NYC area, do you know when commercials say “at participating locations”?  This is pretty much for NYC.  Locations often decide not to participate due to the fact that everyone and their mother (especially their mother since Oprah is involved) will want something free.  Visitors are complaining that they can see the chicken, but managers are refusing the coupons.

Oprah Chicken

God Bless all you little souls who are wandering the city, coupon in in tow, trying to just get some free chicken.  We salute you.  Good Luck.  (I myself may try later this week… and in Brooklyn.)


~ by katoque on May 6, 2009.

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