I’ve Always Wondered That…

Have you ever wondered why on an airplane you need to put your seat back in the “upright and locked position”?  Or why you can’t talk on your cellphone?  Or where confiscated items are taken in security?

Mental_floss had a post answering some of these burning questions.  But really, why can’t we use cellphones?

Why oh Why?

According to metal_floss, although the cell phone’s signal could possibly affect the airplane’s transmissions, but what is really affects more is the cell phone companies.  While traveling if you made a call, that call would need to be constantly jumping from cell tower to cell tower.  This would be using valuable space on their circuits and could ultimately affect callers on the ground (who the cell towers are meant for).

In 2007 cell phone carriers fought for the ban on cell phones to not be lifted, so for now no cell phones on airplanes…


~ by katoque on May 22, 2009.

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