I Miss Major Magic’s…

Major Magic’s was a better version of Chuck E Cheese (I never came out of the ball bit there with blood on me…)  I must say those I was always fascinated (and a little freaked out) by the giant animatronic bands that would play every 15 minutes or so.  (Recently at a Chuck E Cheese I found out they don’t even have the band anymore, it’s just one giant Chuck E DJing in a booth)

In recent years the animatronic bands have been programmed to perform recent songs.  Check this coll (and kind of creepy) version of Usher’s Love in This Club

~ by katoque on June 9, 2009.

4 Responses to “I Miss Major Magic’s…”

  1. PS–Rock-a-Fire Explosion was actually the animatronic band for Showbiz Pizza Place, not Chuck E. Cheese. Showbiz bought out CEC, but eventually restructured to the CEC likeness, which is probably where the confusion lies.

    I apologize…it’s all Wikipedia’s fault.

  2. you just like major magic’s because your phone looks like a major magic’s calculator.

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