Sometimes My Canadianess Shows…

But Tim Hortons is coming to NYC!!!  Words cannot express how amazing that actually is, so you must go try it for yourself.  And may I suggest an Iced Capp (oh yea!)

So Beautiful *tear*

New Locations:

761 7th Avenue @ 50th St. 212-767-8347
152 West 34th Street bet. 6th & 7th Ave. 212-630-0319
47 East 42nd St. bet. Park & Madison Ave., 212-681-8501
Penn Station, LIRR Level, 212-630-0314
Madison Square Garden, Taxi Ramp. 212-594-0204
48 New Street @ Wall St., 212-483-8319
50 Fulton Street @ Cliff St. 212-732-6551
2547 Broadway @ 94th St., 212-316-2915
1276 Lexington Avenue @ 86th St., 212-339-8868
451 Fulton Street, Brooklyn. 718-237-9346
22 Court Street, Brooklyn. 718-624-1107

~ by katoque on July 9, 2009.

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