World of Animal Prosthetics…

Now I’m sure you’ve seen a 3 legged dog before (hell my mother has one) but what about other animals that lose their limbs?  Well some are lucky enough to get prosthetic limbs. (via Mental Floss)

Fuji is a dolphin who’s tail began to rot off and needed to be amputated in order to stop the spread of disease.  Dolphins cannot swim without a tail.  So Folks at the Bridgestone Tire Factory started designing a rubber tail for her.  After 3 tries that finally got silicon tail to stick.

Fuji the Bionic Dolphin

Many elephants are in need of prosthetic limbs after stepping on landmines.  Motala is an elephant in Thailand who leg was injured leaving it much smaller than her other legs.  She accepted a prosthesis filled with wood shavings to assist her in walking.  Motala even has her own website!


National Geographic just also recently ran some updates about animals with prosthetic limbs.  Check it out!


~ by katoque on July 9, 2009.

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