Lessons of a Zoo Keeper…

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Never piss off the really big animal in a small cage…


Trouble with Pronunciations…

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I know in the world of hockey announcers are always surprising me.  But now there’s a great site, The Name Engine, that helps with the pronunciations of Athletes, Entertainers, People in Politics, People in the News, etc.  It not only spells out the pronunciation, but you can also here it…  (via Bits & Pieces)

How I Love My Buffalo Sabres

Guess What This Is…

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These are 3-D Body images.

“Almost all Images captured by the scanning electron microscope (SEM), which is a type of electron microscope that uses a beam of high-energy electrons to scan surfaces of images. The electron beam of SEM relates with particles near or on the surface of the sample to be displayed, resulting in a high-resolution 3D image. Magnification levels from x 25 to about x 250,000. Amazingly detailed from 1 to 5 nm in size can be detected.”

So cool… can you guess what these are?  Hold your mouse over the image to find out the answer (and click on the pictures to see even more)…  (via Bits & Pieces)

Split end of human hair

Tongue with taste bud

Tooth plaque

Lung cancer cells


Kids, Don’t Try This at Home…

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Looks like he got a little carried away…  Ok, not punny… (via Boing Boing)

Ok Guys I Really Want One…

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They are just too cute!  I want a micro pig.  Even Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) has one

Lil Oinkers


I'm in Love!

New John Lennon Biopic…

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only available in the UK starting Christmas Day 2009.  Boo.  But at least we can watch the trailer to Nowhere Boy… (via Sheena Beaston)

Have You Ever Heard of Men in Coats…

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Well neither had I until I saw this courtesy of Bits & Pieces…

Check out their website and more videos via YouTube